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Pc Security & Anti-virus Softwares


Malicious codes


Windows viruses are fundamentally malicious codes alterations made to certain files that are spread-out to double on their own (say, when the host malicious scripts file is executed). This scripts look inside the personal computer for another server malicious codes, makes a re-create of itself, and introduce the bug inside a malevolent scripts. Heavy chances are that your PC contains computer virus, Trojans, ad-ware, and malware, and your infected system is being used, unknowingly to you, to circulate viruses through your office/home network every month, spamming out to them on an infected PCs mailing list, most likely, if your system is infected, it’s going to come from someone you recognize.


Viruses and spy-ware can falsely hide themselves as downloaded applications programme that you had never consider were harmful. Virus authors are genius creators, and they do their worst brilliantly. The number of viruses and bad natured programs out there is amazing. Massive creations of new of viruses and other vicious programs are set-up by the “black hat makers” average daily.




The basics of home PC security start with an anti-virus program and a firewall. Install anti-virus software. Anti-virus software discovers and removes viruses, which bond themselves to a program or file to spread from computer to computer. By setting up anti-virus software and keeping it cutting-edge, you are able to help maintain your computer detached from these destructive viruses and ward off spreading them to other computers. Scan your PC with your anti-virus software on a regular basis and be careful of what internet site you visit and of installing free software that they may offer.


Nearly all Virus and Trojan scanner software packages are well capable to detect malicious files but are not very effective in getting rid of them if they have it. Will it bar a computer virus from corrupting or destructing your crucial documents? Naturally, PC security software companies lay claim numerous anti-virus answers, both for personal PCs and business networks in advertising their products.


Anti-virus software packages


May we anticipate the anti-virus as “most proficient of the best”. Once a bran-new vicious virus is discharged onto the World Wide Web, no signature-based anti-virus programme will discovers them for a few hours up to many weeks. That is why in true life the operation of whatever anti-virus computer program is wondered on its usage conditions. Nearly detection only about 90 to 95% of entirely recognized viruses. The system may not even discover them. Secondly, virus software will rarely block hackers acquiring access to your computer. And once the computer is infected, can we find fault the anti-virus because of that. No anti-virus can always be trusted on to commit 100% security. Just previewing a virus-laden content can infects your PC.


It is forever raises the wonder ‘how come anti-virus A is more beneficial than anti-virus B’. Re-examining whatever anti-virus is a difficult undertaking. Each anti-virus brand name on the securities industry has its enthusiastic supporters a Continue reading

Fix Pc Security Shield – -How To Remove Pc Security Shield Instantly



Pc Security Shield is an infective worm that affects WinNT/Win2000/WinXP/Win2003. If getting infected with Pc Security Shield your PC will crash or reboot itself without any reason. You will be fed up with the deathly slow running and CPU may be taken over 100%! To be surprise, you should be able to find a process named avserve.exe running. This is how Pc Security Shield acts once it has lurked into your system. Here comes the question that how to remove this virus easily?

How to remove Pc Security Shield completely

Actually, Pc Security Shield destroys your laptop by downloading avserve.exe and then infects your PC. Differ from other virus infection way, it uses avserve.exe to attack Lsass Bug; block your internet connection and make your PC run like a crawl eventually. If your laptop is in this trouble, you need to take the following action to get rid of it.

#1 Update your system to the latest version, including the browser you are using, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

#2 Block some ports of your Fire Wall which aims to stop the attacks from avserve.exe. They are 445, 5554 and 9996 port.

#3 Delete avserve.exe manually. Open Task Manager and find the process of avserve.exe. End it up and close Task Manager.

#4 Clean up items that virus add into Registry. Go to Start—Run—Type in REGEDIT and then press Enter. Double-click and you will find HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersio Continue reading

3 Things you must remember to ensure PC security



The rapid increase in the number of viruses and malware in the last few years have increased the role of antivirus programs on our PCs and mobile devices. The scope of security programs have increased beyond proportion because of the variety of online threats which PCs face today while connected to the internet for browsing or downloading.


Malware and other online threats are constantly updating their programs to make their attack more result-oriented and sharp. Because of these widespread security incidents it is very important for all the PC users to update the antivirus software on time so that you never go online without guards.

The antivirus software benefits the user in many ways. Apart from preventing malicious codes from entering into the PC they also provide protection from the spyware programs that aim to steal your identity. The premium antivirus version from reputed security firms offers advanced security components such as two-way firewall that protects your PC from attacks like spams and phishing. But to avail all these benefits you need to maintain the antivirus program properly.

Mere installation of the security program is not enough to enjoy protection from online threats rather you also require maintaining them to keep it efficient and effective. Below mentioned are some useful tips that help keep the antivirus program effective as ever.

Always keep your computer programs updated

Keeping only the antivirus program updated is sometimes not helpful rather you also need to update other programs on your PC for the best PC security. According to the requirement, software developers keep on releasing newer versions of these programs for security compliance and other things. It is therefore recommended to update the programs installed on your PC so that they provide the best security features.

Updating the security programs is also important because they help to patch security vulnerabilities apart from resolving bugs. If your antivirus program is running on outdated software then it wouldn’t be that effective and beneficial. For best results of security programs you should never miss out any software update.

PCs manufactured today are getting more complex than ever and virus authors tend to derive advantage out of that. To prevent viruses from using the complexity of your PC, you should never leave your system outdated. If you don’t update your PC on time it is likely that it would fail to detect the newly developed threats.

Keep the firewall always active

Another condition of optimum PC security is the active firewall. You need to maintain your firewall thoroughly. The efficiency of antivirus to trap viruses and other threats increases if you have activated firewall on your PC. Setting up firewall is like erecting a security veil around your PC that provides dual security. You must enable the automatic update on the firewall through its settings so that you don’t miss out any important security update.

Update the antivirus program on regular intervals

Updating antivirus programs on regular interval is another important thing that you have to maintain for ensuring PC security against online threats. All the security companies making antivirus programs releases updates to keep their programs up-to-date and effective against even new viruses and malware. If you are not updating your antivirus on time then you are simply allowing the new malware to attack and Continue reading